Non-profit fundraiser and community outreach organization, Driving Successful Lives, has recently announced the development of a new program designed to help increase awareness and participation with local churches.  The organization detailed the functionality of its tested program – beginning with the White Lake Presbyterian Church in White lake, MI – a working partner with Driving Successful Lives on other community initiatives.

“Our new outreach program is centered on collaboration,” said a spokesperson for DSL.  “We reach out to local realtors in the area to find out who the new neighbors are in an area, and we drop off a welcome package for those new residents.  The welcome package is a gift bag with information about the area – including things to do, places to go & a variety of interests common to families.  We’ve also included a few gifts, such as water bottles, hats, sun block, kites, etc. during the summer and fall.  Along with the gifts are welcome letters and invites to attend services at a neighboring church.”

Driving Successful Lives creates and funds the project (on a limited basis) and the program is available across the country.  Churches of all denominations are encouraged to connect with DSL for more information – along with a step-by-step instructional on how to make the program work best in their area.

About Driving Successful Lives

Driving Successful Lives’ mission is to facilitate car donations so that veterans, homeless families, children, those with addictions & other non-profits can benefit from fellow citizens giving-forward.

Every time a person gives to the charity of their choice it may also create a tax benefit for them. The money, the items, and the real property that they have donated to non-profit institutions throughout the tax year may be tax deductible which means that they could end up being the difference between a good tax return and a great tax return. Depending upon the kind of donation and the type of charity or foundation that they chose to donate to, the tax deduction it creates could be very helpful for reducing the amount taxes that they owe. Many successful and wealthy people state that at least to a certain degree, a part of whom they are and what they have become comes at least in part from the practice of giving. Contributing to charities can be a very convenient way to reduce taxes.

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