Now Accepting VOLUNTEER Applications
Help Someone In Need!

Driving Successful Lives currently has several open slots for qualified volunteers needing to meet community service requirements. Please fill out our Volunteer Application Form below or call our Volunteer Center toll free at (877) 360-4141 to apply  today! Once your volunteer application is approved, you will receive a welcome email and video tutorial with access to live support.


Our NonProfit provides qualified work-from-home volunteers the following options for community service hours. Each volunteer task is reportable (via any mobile device or computer) through easy-to-use online forms below. Once your volunteer application is approved, you will receive a welcome email and video tutorial with access to live support.

Signing Up Charities

Help generate interest from local Charities to join our Community Directory. Click on Tutorial Video here.

  • Charity Enrollment Form - provide location and contact info to enroll Charities to add to our local Community Service Directory.

Generating Directory Listings

Help us to serve more communities by expanding the Driving Successful Lives footprint nationwide.

Distributing Flyers

Help promote our Community Service Program in your local community.

At the end of a week of volunteer service, every volunteer will need to submit your Community Service Hours Report . Click on Video Tutorial here. Once Driving Successful Lives NonProfit has reviewed and verified the submitted forms, we will provide each volunteer with a letter confirming completion of community service hours via email or mail.

We are excited to work with you in building up our communities by supporting local charities to work together in helping impoverished children, homeless families, veterans and so many others in need during these difficult times! 


Community Service Opportunity

Driving Successful Lives is a non-profit that utilizes donated properties (real estate, vehicles, etc.) to help military veterans and families in need.  We generally sell donated properties & use the proceeds to help fund local charities or we deliver the donations directly to the needy party.

Driving Successful Lives offers a simple and easy solution for those needing Community Service hours fulfilled. Our Community Service Program gives Volunteers the opportunity to gain community service hours (either required or desired) by polling charities in their area by phone. Our Volunteers are provided lists of local charities and a short questionnaire that includes the services and service area of each charity.  This volunteer opportunity does not require any selling or solicitation.

These Donations are then liquidated to make a difference for:

  • Impoverished Children
  • Homeless Families
  • Veterans


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DSL Flyer

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Welcome... The Volunteer Flyer is available for download or printing below. DSL Volunteer Flyer <<<