Driving Successful Lives changed MY life.  I received a car donation and I can now drive to work and do not have to rely on taking the bus or asking friends for a ride.
Nancy Ames
This charity is constantly giving to those in need.  They supply food when called upon, they supply warming materials when the weather is cold and people are in need of socks and coats.  The compassion they have for mankind is very noteworthy. –
Jackson Vicchio
I received assistance paying my heating bill this year. I fell on hard times and had to ask for help. I had nobody to turn to.  My uncle told me about Driving Successful Lives.  The founders did not ask me questions and they did not hesitate to help me. I am grateful and now back on my feet.
Edward Dittel
I had nowhere to turn to when I lost my job, my house and my car.  Driving Successful lives donated money to me and helped me organize my life and get a car so I could move in with my mother and start over.  I am blessed.
Tajuana Mercado
I needed a battery for my car and did not have the money.  Driving Successful Lives donated a battery to me and had me back on the road within 24 hours.  THANK YOU!!!
Germaine Huston
This Charity is helping mankind.  I had no clothes when I left the jail and was living in a halfway house. I received donations immediately from this group.  Driving Successful Lives helped me get my life going.  Thank you Mark and Dawn-
Chris Faulkner