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Why Donate Real Estate?

People and organizations donate properties for different reasons.  Here are some of the most common ones.

Sometimes, owners get behind paying their property taxes.  Maybe the property is not making as much money as an investment property for you, and you might become delinquent in paying property taxes when this happens.  Perhaps other expenses creep, and you just don’t have the cash on hand you need to pay the property tax bill when it comes.  In some cases, those property taxes start piling for a year or two.  Then it might make sense to donate your property rather than fork over the money to pay taxes on a home that is not making you enough money to justify paying those past due tax bills, or you might not be able to free up \the financial resources you need to make that happen.

Sometimes, home and property repairs can be costly, maybe more costly than you can afford to pay.  If you own an investment property but are not making enough money to cover the cost of repairs that are required to be able to rent out your property to a tenant, it might make sense to donate it rather than lose the cash paying for repairs that cost more than the money your property is generating for you.

Many people become landlords, because they like the idea of making passive income.  When things work well, that can be a great plan and can build your investment portfolio nicely. Passive income is nice, because you don’t have to do (much) work to collect money each month (or however often your lease agreement says your tenant is required to make rent payments to you).  However, this is great, in theory, but reality does not always match the theory.   Being a landlord is great when you have a great tenant, but sometimes, you might have a less desirable tenant.  Maybe that tenant breaks things in your house irresponsibly.  Perhaps, your tenant has not paid you in a very long time and refuses to take your legal eviction quietly.  In some extreme cases, your tenant might even be running an illegal store from your property.  Bad tenants are not always easy to evict, and maybe donating your property might be easier.

Have you (and maybe along with one or more siblings) inherited a property that is not anywhere near where you live?  Do you now own property that is too far to be convenient for you to manage properly?  Maybe property taxes are owed, and you don’t have the money readily on hand to pay for the upcoming invoice.  Maybe the property is not in as good of shape, but you are not in position to repair the property.  As a property owner, you now have exposure to legal liability.  If someone falls or gets injured on your inherited property, you and whoever else owns the property can be sued, which is obviously a hassle.  No matter the reason, you can often donate the property and get rid of your inherited hassle.

You might simply want to help out or even make the world or community a better place with an asset you have to donate rather than make a monetary donation directly to a charity or non-profit organization.

There are many great reasons to consider donating real estate to charity. Typically, our donors have been motivated to give for reasons including substantial tax deductions, freedom from unwanted property holdings, quick turnaround on real estate assets, efficient liquidation of corporate real estate, and ultimately, the ideal way to give a generous gift to a favorite charity.

​Regardless of your reasons, we can guide you in your decision to donating. Every year, we help hundreds of people nationwide contribute virtually all types of property including:

  • ​Residential houses or land
  • Industrial buildings (abandoned) or land

  • Apartments or condominiums

  • Most types of mortgages

  • Properties subject to life estates

  • Commercial property

  • Vacant land

  • Hotel buildings

  • Contract for deed

  • Sandwich leases

Overall, donating real estate provides a unique opportunity to give back to the community. Our donors experience the rewards and benefits of property donation first hand.

Our program is designed to make the process of transforming real estate gifts into valuable assets for charity as simple as possible. Donating Real Estate will guide you through each step along the way, while serving as the single contact point between you and the charities. Our real estate professionals can get you started immediately. Just contact us by phone or fill out our online form to initiate the giving process.

Real Estate Donation Process – After Initial Contact

After the initial contact, our real estate agents will schedule and appointment to look at the property. This preliminary inspection is simply to determine the condition of the physical property itself, inside and out. Based on this inspection, we will then make the decision to move forward with the donation process.

​Real Estate Donation Package

Upon the decision to proceed with the donation, the next step is to send you a donation package, which consists of the following documents:

A. Quit claim deed

B. Warranty claim deed

C. Donation agreement

D. Declaration of the deed and gift

We accept many different types of donated properties:

Strip Malls
Manufacturing / Assembly Locations

Houses – Single family homes and duplexes/2-family flats are the most commonly donated property.  Sometimes, these houses have more repairs than the current owner can afford.  We accept ranch houses with finished or unfinished basements, raised ranches, tri-levels, quad level homes, bungalows, cape cods, colonials, and more.  In some cases we might even able to absorb properties that are delinquent in paying property taxes.

Offices – Looking to donate a traditional office space with possibly a reception area, a board room, and maybe even some private offices.  Maybe you are looking to donate an open office space with wood floors or industrial carpet and high ceilings.  We accept all building classifications: trophy, Class A, Class B, or even Class C office buildings..

Apartments – We accept properties as small as 4-unit apartments.  You can also donate multi-unit apartments with many more units.  We can accept a single apartment building or an entire apartment complex.

Strip Malls – We accept many different types of strip malls: neighborhood centers, community centers, regional centers, superregional centers, fashion/specialty centers, power centers, theme/festival centers, and even outlet centers.

Warehouses – We accept several different types of warehouses: retail warehouses, cool warehouses, cold storage, packing warehouses, and even railway warehouses.

Manufacturing / Assembly Locations – For better or worse, There are many empty, unused manufacturing and assembly plant locations. Some of them are move-in ready.  Other properties might have more complications.

Vacant Land – Not as much as we do with land with properties built on it, but sometimes we can even accept vacant land.

Contact us today to discuss whether we might be able to accept your property for donation.  Call 1-888-228-1050 now, or complete the form on our site, and we’ll contact you.


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