Vehicle Donation

To donate a vehicle:

Give us a call today

  • 1-888-228-1050 for Vehicles

Why Donate a Vehicle?

Have an old car? Donate it to Driving Successful Lives – We are Your Best Choice for Donating a Car That Really Helps!

  • Simple 2 Step Process only takes minutes!

  • Free pick up

  • Receipt usually mailed within 24 hours

  • Get the highest possible tax deduction

  • You Donation Helps People In Need. So donate automobiles to help us in Driving Successful Lives!

Last year we and our partner organizations helped scores of people in need. Here are just a few of the programs you help fund when you donate a car:

Feed the hungry hot meals daily

  • Emergency shelter for vulnerable woman, children and men

  • Shelter and job training for homeless veterans

  • Long term care, housing and services for forgotten seniors

  • The joy of Christmas for many, many children

  • Youth programs transforming the lives of children

  • Community programs for all

  • Treatment for victims of drug addictions.

If you have an unwanted used car, donate it and help us help today.

Donate your Car

Top Reasons People Donate Cars

People and organizations donate properties for different reasons.  Here are some of the most common reasons people donate cars. See which one applies to you.

You might have a car that does not work any more and has no value to you or anyone you know.  You can call us to tow away your vehicle at no cost to you.

You might have a car that still might be okay… for someone else.  For you, maybe it might cost more to repair the car than you want to spend on it.

Did someone close to you recently pass and left you his or her vehicle? Do you have no use for it?  Is it in an entirely different area than where you’re located?  Do you have to “share” it with someone else who also inherited it?  You can donate it and save yourself (and whoever else inherited it with you) the hassle of dealing with a problem that was given generously but with no real place in your life.

Do you have an old car that’s just sitting in your garage, driveway, or even your yard?  Is it just being an overall unattractive nuisance?  Donate your old vehicle, and we can tow it away free of charge to you.

Do you just want to get rid of your old car quickly?  Call and donate it.  We’ll make the whole thing convenient for you, and your problem will just go away.

Do you dread the hassle of trying to sell your old vehicle?  Should you have traded it in but thought to yourself that you should just sell it on your own… but now regret it?  Give us a call to donate your vehicle, and we can make the whole thing simple for you and remove it so you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Did you take your car to the dealer, but they offered you so little in trade-in value that you figured that you’d rather get nothing for it than give it to that greedy dealership for next to nothing?  You can donate your vehicle and know that you’re doing something good.

Besides doing something to help others, many people want to turn their old car into a tax deduction.  So donating your vehicle might be a quick way to help lower your taxes.

Did you have a car for your kid, but now he (or she) lives away from home at college or in the military?  You have this old car that’s just sitting there, doing nothing but taking up space and may even be costing you auto renewal and car insurance fees.  Call to donate, and you can take care of your kid’s old vehicle now.

Do you have an extra car that you’re not using?  Are you paying auto insurance on it?  If you aren’t going to use it again, why would keep paying auto insurance premiums on it?  Just donate and stop paying those needless insurance bills now.

If you have a car that is just sitting there, you open up yourself to getting sued, should someone crash into it.  (It might not be your fault, but let’s face it.  The courts don’t always side with what you think should happen, do they?)  Donate your car now, and take away, at least, one part of your life that can get you in the wrong end of a lawsuit.

Contact us today to discuss whether we might be able to accept your property for donation.  Call 1-888-228-1050 now, or complete the form on our site, and we’ll contact you.