Non-profit Volunteer Program Expands, Empowering Volunteers to Make a Bigger Difference in Communities

Detroit, MI (PRUnderground) March 6th, 2024

In its ongoing commitment to community improvement, Driving Successful Lives, a national non-profit dedicated to aiding individuals and families in crisis, has significantly broadened its volunteer program. This expansion equips volunteers with enhanced avenues to positively impact their communities nationwide.

“We believe in the power of volunteerism to effect real change,” remarked a spokesperson for the organization. Over the years, Driving Successful Lives has diligently provided support in areas such as food and utility assistance, housing, and transportation, including the donation of vehicles to facilitate progress for those in need.

The updated volunteer program caters to a diverse range of participants, including those fulfilling court-ordered community service requirements and individuals seeking to contribute altruistically. New initiatives encompass hands-on projects focusing on local road and park clean-ups, as well as initiatives to educate local businesses about opportunities for assistance through government grants like the ERC (Employee Retention Credit), designed to support businesses retaining employees.

Volunteers with Driving Successful Lives now have the option to assist in expanding the charity’s operational footprint or engage in outreach efforts to aid individuals seeking community service hours. “We’re mobilizing resources to reach those who truly need support, and our volunteers are experiencing the gratification of being part of a meaningful endeavor,” emphasized the spokesperson.

For those interested in participating in Driving Successful Lives’ volunteer program or learning more about its initiatives, visit:

About Driving Successful Lives

Driving Successful Lives’ mission is to help raise funds and improve the lives of veterans, homeless families, children, those with addictions while helping donors generate a tax deduction, often with property or vehicles they might no longer want.

Every time a person gives to the charity of their choice it may also create a tax benefit for them. Car donations, real estate donations or money donated to non-profit institutions throughout the tax year may be tax deductible which means that they could make a positive difference for people while reducing the amount of income taxes they pay. Contributing to charities can be a very convenient way to reduce taxes and help others.